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Interim Management in Scandinavia and the Nordics

Get a top-qualified Scandinavian or Nordic candidate within ten days (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)

Are you in need of a profile with the proper skill-set to carry through an organizational change? Someone that successfully did the same type of task before? Or do you need to fill in the gap after an unexpected layoff?

Interim Management in Scandinavia and the Nordics
Nexus Interim Management is one the leading Interim Service Providers in the Scandinavian and Nordic region and can help find you a highly qualified candidate.

Interim Managers ensures top competencies for a temporary period
Interim is Latin for temporary, and Interim Managers are especially relevant for larger organizations expecting high performance of their employees. With short-term occupation it is often difficult to find the proper qualified profiles.

Since 2000, Nexus have provided positively overqualified candidates through more than 800 Interim-projects. Nexus’ in-house team come from international corporations with high performance cultures, so we understand the demands that modern organisations expect.

Database with thousands of leaders and specialists
For more than a decade, Nexus have built the most comprehensive database of 8.000 managers and specialists, who have helped hundreds of large corporations to successfully carry through their projects.

International portfolio of top candidates through WIL Group
When our own database is not enough or your organisation need competencies not represented in Scandinavia, Nexus Interim Management have access to the international network WIL Group and their pool of candidates. If there is a need for a cross-border Interim Manager then Nexus Interim Management will be able to present three suited candidates with the required experience in 10 days.

Nexus is the only Interim Service Provider in Denmark that is a member of the international network WIL Group, which guarantees that you can get exactly the candidate who have solved similar projects before. No matter where in the world your challenge is.

Do you want to know more about Interim management in Scandinavia?
If you are curious about how an Interim Manager from Nexus’ comprehensive network can help you reach your goals, then contact one of our partners at +45 7022 6555 or for a noncommittal chat.




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